The Brand

Modern Monarchie is a millinery house that specializes in felt and panama straw hat designs. Inspired in a deep rooted love for art and travel. Our creations reflect the cultural blend of it's two female founders.

Since the beginning our designs have been a translation of our imagination and an extension of our personalities. We reflect a hybrid between high-fashion and free spirit. We are the modern monarchie.

Our Story

Attorneys turned fashion designers and entrepreneurs.

Why not? Meet Marielly And Mercedes - our hat designers and makers. After finishing their masters degree in International Law & Arbitration and working in New York for a few years, they wanted to redirect their career towards their lifelong love for fashion. Their careers have taken them in many directions, and designing hats is definitely what they are the most passionate about. They are in love with the process and how much creative control they have.

Our Approach

"Hat•titude: atittude that comes from wearing the right hat".
A concept created in the MM millinery house.

Since the beginning, our collections were created visualizing the hat as a white piece of canvas. Our first ever hat was a hand-painted one. We wanted to incorporate infinite creative possibilities into our work. The materials we chose were really unique and unconventional. From old vintage pins and fabrics to new and upscale luxury trimmings.

For us, a hat tells a story. We never really know what it will become until we start writing it. Sometimes the most beautiful ones come from the unexpected during the creative process.
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